Why do we fall in love with this person rather than another?

What does that mean for your relationships?

Learn the why behind past choices and how future partners can be a part of a loving and satisfying relationship. Take the mystery out of falling in love and put the magic in relationship. Get answers to creating the future love of your dreams!

Taken from the book "Fishing By Moonlight, The Art of Enhancing Relationship", the class includes the powerful yet simple exercises which will reveal the mysteries of love and why couples can be called “growing machines”. You can build a satisfying, healing love with a current partner-- or find a partner who is right for you.

Call or email for dates and times. We have ongoing groups. 

Relationship Training

  • $80 per person 1.5 hour classes 6 weeks  classes are 1.5hrs. 

    Includes Fishing by Moonlight book.