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Life transitions - Grief, loss, or sudden changes in life can alter what

we understand to be good and true. We may find ourselves questioning

our beliefs, our family, our friends, or even our own sense of judgment.

Crisis can affect us in ways we never imagined. You may begin to isolate

or engage in unhealthy behaviors. A therapist understands this and can

help navigate you back to the life you trust and understand. 

Financial difficulties - Life is going along as expected. You have goals and are working hard to achieve those goals for your family, career, and future. Then something happens. All of a sudden you find yourself facing financial difficulties that you can’t see your way out of. You wonder will I ever get back to financial stability? You may feel judged by others or have demands being made upon you that you can’t meet. A therapist can walk beside you in finding resources that are made to help you through these difficult times. 

Loss of a loved one - There is nothing more painful than losing someone you love. You feel like you want to die. You just want to make the pain disappear. This feeling doesn’t only come from death, it can also be felt from divorce, abandonment, or someone moving far away. The heart aches for something that has been torn away. The good news is that the heart does heal. A therapist can hold your heartache and nurture you back to finding peace and tranquility. 


Looking for love - Looking for that person you can spend time with? Wondering how to go about finding someone that has the same values as you? Tired of choosing the same type of person that you know is not healthy for you? Do you break up and then regret your action? Or stay when you know it’s best to leave? There may not have been anyone in your life that taught or modeled what a healthy relationship looks like. There are strategies in dating, unconscious feelings we need to make conscious, old patterns that need to be broken, and a knowing of what is or isn’t a deal breaker.


Anxiety - Anxiety can be debilitating. Those thoughts that swirl in your mind just won’t give you a break! You find yourself participating in unhealthy self-medicating behaviors just to get some peace in your mind only to find it’s a temporary fix or doesn’t work. You sometimes wonder do other people feel this way? Am I better off not being here? Maybe I should seek medication from a doctor or psychiatrist? Let us guide you in the direction that will work for you so you can feel some peace and enjoy life again!


Depression - Sadness is one thing depression is another. You may feel like you are in the bottom of a dark black hole with no sign there will ever be a way out. You can’t seem to muster up the strength to do anything and you don’t want to burden others with your sadness so you sit in the dark hole. Sometimes you think dying would be better than living. If only you could step out of your body, your life, your thoughts. There is hope. The good news is everything changes even depression. Let us help you find that one glimmer of hope that can lead to happiness.


Self-harming behaviors - Self-harming behaviors such as cutting, anorexia, bulimia, and others may feel like they give you a sense of relief but they end of making you feel guilty, ashamed, or isolated. Self-harming behaviors are one of many coping strategies you have utilized hoping to relieve pain that stems from something else. Let us teach you healthy coping strategies that lead to authenticity, intimacy, and connection with others.


Addictions including, alcohol, drugs, gambling, or sex - Feeling out of control, wondering how you ever got to this place, tired of lying or hiding things from those you love? Addiction comes in many forms; eating, sex, gambling, drinking, drugs. It can steal your sense of control. Tired of making commitments and then breaking them because you feel you don’t have a choice? Let a counselor build in you the strength to break free from your addictions.

Individual counseling is a place where you can speak in confidence to a

counselor and work through any of these life challenges:

Individual Therapy

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