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Forms for Your Therapy Appointment

These forms will be needed by your therapist prior to or at the start of your appointment. Filling them out now will allow you to not spend your valuable time in session doing paperwork.  If you're unable to fill these out and email them back or print them out please contact your therapist and they can provide a clipboard of forms for you at the office about 30 minutes prior to your appointment for you to fill out.  All forms are in fillable PDF format.  To save paper, feel free to fill them out using a PDF reader (such as one found at and email them back to your therapist. You're therapist can then print the 1 or 2 pages they will need you to sign. 


New Client Information (Mandatory)

All new clients must fill this form out. If  3+ clients are being seen in session, please fill out more than one copy (form has room for 2 person information).  Parents - please fill out the second page with your information for the minor(s) being seen; if you have custody arrangements, please bring a copy of your custody agreement to the first session. 

Informed Consent Agreements (Mandatory)

Your therapist will guide you to fill out the appropriate forms.

Intake Forms (Mandatory Form)

All new clients must fill out the form based on their type of therapy

- Adult Intake: For adults clients being seen individually in session

- Minor Intake: For minor clients (under 18) being seen individually in session

- Couple Intake*: For couple clients being seen together in session (**fill out together or each provide 1 form)

- Family Intake*: For a family unit (whole family, several children, parent & child, etc.) being seen together in session

- Co-Parent Intake*: For separated/divorced parents seeking co-parenting help in session (**each client provide 1 form)


* No Secrets Policy: For Couples, Family or Co-Parenting please read and sign this form as well

Notice of Privacy Practices

Please review our Privacy Practices and how transmit your personal health information when required.  You may download or print this form out for your records; this form is not required to be printed out for sessions. 

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